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Say hello to Themes on PAGECHAP!

We are always looking for ways to ensure you have a seamless and amazing experience on your Page Chap.

What better way than to ensure you can personalize your Page Chap to communicate who you are on your terms?

With the brand new “Themes” feature on Page Chap, You can customize your Page Chap on your terms!

  • Choose your style from an array of themes made for you.
  • Decide which theme suits you and communicates what you do.
  • Stand out with your unique Page Chap
  • Ensure anyone can recognize your page chap from a glance with your unique theme.
  • Look professional, playful, and creative with any theme of your choice

Here’s how the theme feature works:

  • Login to your Page Chap and click on “Settings”
  • Tap on the “themes” Button and select any theme that suits you.
  • Preview and let the world see your creativity through your Page Chap!

You can try out the theme feature here

Cheers Page Stars!